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Three time SAG Award winner, LEA DELARIA seems to have achieved overnight stardom with her stand-out role as ‘Carrie ‘Big Boo’ Black’ in the Netflix hit series “Orange is the New Black.” However, DeLaria’s multifaceted career as a comedian, actress and Jazz musician, has in fact spanned decades. DeLaria holds the distinction of being the first openly gay comic on television in America and has released five records on the Warner Jazz and Classics label. In the Summer of 2015, DeLaria released her sixth record, "House of David: DeLaria + Bowie = Jazz.” Recently, DeLaria was featured in “Cars 3” as the breakout star 'Miss Fritter,’ appeared in her own Pixar featurette, and was the closing track on the “Cars 3” Album.

She was the featured vocalist at the 50th Anniversary of the Newport Jazz Festival, and has performed in some of the most prestigious houses in the world including Carnegie Hall, Lincoln Center, the Chicago Symphony, Hollywood Bowl, The Royal Albert Hall and the Sydney Opera House.

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